About Us

Hello and welcome! We are Nina and Tina also known as The Open Route! It took us a while to get things rolling and now we are so ready to share everything here from hereon. We’ll try not to flood you with our selfies. But no promises! 😉


Our inspiration to travel is rooted in our penchant to break away from routine, extinguish our yearning for unique experiences, reward ourselves and also to encourage everyone to go out and have a vacation because the world is too big to just stay in one place.


We do touristy stuff but sometimes we go against the grain and check out places that are off the beaten path and unspoiled. We prefer to mix things up, try a little bit of everything and do things at our own pace if we can.


Our favorite mode of transportation would be motorcycle. We prefer to make our own itinerary, go around on our own, stop whenever and wherever with only our guts and great navigation skills in tow. But seriously, Waze can do wonders! 😉


We’ve had had a few misadventures and we’ll definitely encounter more. But these things make our trips more meaningful, unique, and worth sharing.


We hope that we can inspire you to get off the couch or take a breather from your corporate duties through our stories, photos and tips.


Follow us on our adventures through our social signals: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We hope we can see you there!


If you have questions, feedback or you want to work with us, email us.